Toddler Room

Toddler Curriculum

Discoveries' Infant Toddler Center uses the High Scope Approach.  This evidence based curriculum focuses on providing children with an active learning environment where they can play, learn, and grow.

Materials are carefully selected and the room is thoughtfully  arranged to promote learning in all areas. Teachers plan group activities and individual learning experiences each day.  

Since we know that toddlers are developing a sense of autonomy/independence, we strive provide them with choices throughout the day and provide each toddler with as much time as they need to try to do things for themselves.  

Since we know that toddlers are just beginning to learn how to function in a group and socialize with peers, we provide lots of duplicate toys, many choices, and supportive adults that model and encourage positive peer interactions.

Since we know that toddlers are developing language at an astonishing rate, our teachers talk - talk - talk, use a large vocabulary, and engage children in genuine conversations. 

Teachers assess each child's development through authentic assessment and scaffold their learning by providing individualized activities to help each child continually grow and learn.  Teachers gather notes regularly to ensure child is meeting developmental milestones and having a variety of learning experiences.  

Teachers are trained in interaction styles that promote lots of individualized attention and respect each child.   

Toddler Learning Environment

The toddler room is designed to create a comfortable, homelike setting where children can safely explore, learn, and grow. An emphasis has been put on creating interest areas that promote children developing specific skills in the areas of math, science, imagination, social interaction, and more.

Toddlers are cared for in two rooms.  One room is the main playspace. This room includes an art area, pretend play area, block/toy area, reading area, science area, and music area. The other room provides opportunities for toddlers to practice moving their bodies. This room is full of riding toys, pushtoys, balls, etc.  There is also an outdoor play area.

Families are welcome to visit at any time. 

Enrollment Options and Tuition Rate

Often families select childcare based on the tuition rates or the location. While these may be important factors for the family, they are not the most important factors in selecting the right childcare for your toddler.

As with most things, you get what you pay for.  The highest quality of childcare costs a bit more but considering the lifelong benefit for your child, it's a worthy investment. Call 

Discoveries for current tuition rates.

Discoveries offers a variety of enrollment options to meet family's needs. Enrollment options are detailed on the table below. 

Toddler Enrollment Options

We know that family's needs vary so we offer three different enrollment options.

Full Time - Monday through Friday
 3 Days a Week - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
 2 Days a Week - Tuesday and Thursday
   Extended hours for families that need childcare before 7:30am and/or after 5:30pm

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